Conversion of a garage in Edinburgh area is a popular and relatively low cost method of increasing the floor area of an existing property. The extra space can be used to form extra rooms, or to enable the enlarged property to make a more spacious home.

Garage Conversions allow for the increase of living space in a building without altering the shape of the building envelope. It utilises space that normally remains unused. Working around Edinburgh our garage conversions are usually a very cost effective method of increasing the useable floor area of a property for minimal cost.

It may be possible to complete the work without removing the existing roof covering or making any major structural alterations. A good quality loft conversion will enhance both the usefulness and the value of a property, providing the project has been properly designed. We can arrange designs and building warrants.

We complete garage conversions in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. With high prices and lack of affordable lending, it’s often the only way growing families can get more space without moving.

Loft and garage conversions are the number one way of adding living space to a home without the expense of an extension. As an added bonus, planning permission isn’t always required for garage conversions. The City of Edinburgh Council have different requirements, and will need to be consulted first, we do that for you and report back prior to your making a decision.

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